Monday, March 12, 2018

Belgian Fire Ring You Can Easily Build Yourself

Enjoy your evenings outside by lounging around a Belgian Fire Ring. An ideal addition to your outdoor setting, this fire pit is easily constructed with Belgian Block and heavy-duty adhesive.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Arched Entryway and Display Cabinets

 The arched entryway and display cabinets are what drew readers to this kitchen. Glass doors on either side of cabinetry lets light come through. Modern pot racks add more storage and enhance the design of this kitchen.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Tuscan Style Kitchen Design

Decorating a kitchen in Tuscan style will bring a rustic mood into your home, and a relaxed Mediterranean feel. Produce a mood of wholesome and hearty family meals, the appealing scent of olives, wine, and refreshing, crusty bread. actually experience the attractiveness from the Tuscan landscape all about you because you recreate a Tuscany vogue kitchen within your own residence.

The Tuscan style kitchen designs are traditional, elegant ways to spruce up your cooking space. Get inspiration for your kitchen design from Tuscany and other Italian designs by flipping through pictures of Tuscany style kitchen designs.
The Tuscan kitchen design is basically inspired by Italian forms and designs. A lot many stone counters, rough textured and ceramic tiles, wooden furniture and bright, cheerful ambience are used in Tuscan style kitchen design.
The countertops of these kitchen designs are generally tiled to provide a large area for preparing the food. In fact tiled countertops give the kitchen a traditional look as well.
Usually the floors of these kitchens are also tiled. These kitchens have small picture windows which make the kitchen a wonderful place where you can eat your favorite food and enjoy preparing meals at any time of the day.
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The Tuscan styled kitchens tend to share certain traits, including:
- A mix of wood and granite
- Hanging pots and pans in decorative displays
- Fruit bowls and counter space reserved for fresh breads and etibles
- Open air and space
- Seemless integration with an eating area or the living space

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